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 Phu Quy Co. is one of the most prestigious suppliers of high-grade  household commodities for supermarket system and retail stores in the whole Viet Nam.  "Our customers are our first priority" is our company's philosophy.  We take care of our customers by doing our best to deliver the best service  possible while providing the highest quality products at reasonable prices. At  present, we are affirming our prestige in the market of household goods step by  step and becoming the habitual address as an official supplier for supermarkets  and shops in Viet Nam.
   For the past years, with our efforts in improving our care of the customer  services, we've received the customers' trust in the whole country.

   Products & Services:  : 
 Phu Quy Co. has had the right of exclusive distributor of the high-grade  household commodities from Japan as below: 

1. AISEN-JAPANESE Brand of household goods:
Our abundant products are the variety of body sponges, body cleaning brushes, bathroom cleaners, dish sponges, washing-net products... included in four group of products:
  - Body care goods
  - Toilet wares and bathroom's cleaner series
- Kitchen cleaners
- Laundry wares
AISEN has been familiar with many customers and affirmed its trademark as Japanese quality for its ten year-presence in Viet Nam

2. TOWA - JAPANESE Brand of plastic table cloths and Lace:
 TOWA table cloths which are produced with the modern technology are the high quality Japanese products being well known all over the world. The variety of TOWA products with many dimensions, abundant models of the finest patterns and the keen printing without smudging are the most superior products in Viet Nam at present.

3. Kitchen wares from JAPAN:
  - The various kinds of knives for cook with the high quality and many sizes.
  - The superior and luxurious LUCKYWOOD tableware including in knives, spoons, forks….

  4.Kitchenware with SUPOR – CHINESE BRAND:
SUPOR pressure-cookers with the durability and cheapness, abundant models and dimensions are produced with the modern technology. They are the variety of non-stick fry pans covered by TEFLON non-stick materials from DUPONT- USA, the soup pots, the comfortable stainless steel water pots. Especially we also supply the goods for gifts in wedding party and a congratulatory party to your new houses... with the nice colors and suitable designs

Phu Quy co.,ltd is a distributor of Supor in southern area from Da Nang to Ca mau.


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